Monday, 27 June 2011

Sun, Sea and Sand: What's the attraction?

By Dan Morris

So what, really, is the attraction of a sandy beach? I've never quite understood it. In fact, i don't think I ever will. 
Sand, is so, so irritating, not only does it get in, painfully, to ever crease and fold of your body but it makes life impossible. 

The simplest of tasks becomes an unbearable chore, from laying down your towel to eating a sandwich. When coupled with water, the very fabric of the 'seaside', it's truly a nightmare scenario.

I'm a huge fan of a day in the sun, however my complexion is not. Factor 30 is a very close friend of mine when the sun's shining bright but there's nothing more irritating than having just applied sun cream, only to feel the entire contents of Bournemouth beach stuck to your back. 

Sandy beaches are simply uncomfortable, but their alternative even more so; hang on let me just get my towel and lie here on this rockery, no thanks. 

I'm not a fan of the beach, at all. Relaxing in the sun, fine. A short paddle, great, but sand, not for me.

The inability to escape the heat, the fact your water bottle goes from cool to boiling in the blink of an eye and having to part with your hard earned cash to lie on anything other than the very thing I hate about the beach makes me resent it no end.

The last place on earth you will find me on a sunny bank holiday is "beside" the sea.

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