Thursday, 2 December 2010

One man, one envelope: What lies between England and the World Cup

Backing the bid: David Beckham . Picture Getty Images
Never has a day been so important to a nation.

Never has the congregation of 22 men been so significant.

Later today those very men will make a decision that will either transform a recession hit country or completely destroy any hopes it ever had.

Zurich is where the eyes of the world will be focused this afternoon.

David Beckham, David Cameron and Prince William can do no more. Together with the Football Association and the rest of the country they sit anxiously awaiting arguably the biggest decision in our sporting history.

For months, even years it's developed into something of a formality - it's our time.

Recent weeks have done their best to shatter that dream as stories of corruption have escalated to dizzy heights leaving the question on everyone's lips that of, what if?

Should we fail to win the bid, not only will it undermine the integrity of our home sport, but that of our Governing body.

It's time the sport we founded, nurtured and shared with the world to love and cherish, finally came home - if it doesn't our legacy will be in tatters.

From Plymouth to Newcastle, a nation would unite. 17 of the worlds finest stadiums would play host to 32 of the world's greatest teams. A spectacle like no other - and that's not to mention the boost to our economy.

Over the last 10 years no other footballing nation has ploughed more money into it's grassroots than ours. The power of a world cup would be invaluable to the epitome of the sports future development.

The carnival atmosphere at this summers competition in South Africa was like no other. Think of the party in 2018, if football finally came home.

We've plotted, we've pitched, we've canvased and we've pleaded. It's over to Zurich. One vote will define a decade gone-by and a decade to come.

This bid rests on one man, and one envelope and if FIFA president Sepp Blatter is to utter the infamous words we all want to hear, one man deserves a knighthood. In Beckham we trust, back the bid.

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